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Is the lack of stretcher dialysis capacity increasing length of stay and creating throughput delays?

Discharging patients undergoing dialysis from the hospital setting poses a unique set of challenges. The intricate requirements of ongoing dialysis treatments and the need for specialized care often create barriers that can hinder a smooth transition from hospital to home or skilled care. In this blog post, we will delve into the complexities surrounding the discharge of dialysis patients and explore how Compass Complex Discharge Solution is equipped to provide comprehensive assistance.

Understanding the Barrier Stretcher Dialysis:

Dialysis, a life-sustaining procedure for individuals with kidney failure, demands a meticulous care plan that extends beyond the hospital walls. One significant challenge is the transportation of patients to and from dialysis centers, especially when traditional means may not be suitable. Stretcher dialysis becomes essential for patients who require constant medical attention during transit and are unable to sit in the dialysis chair during treatment. Many dialysis centers do not offer stretcher dialysis services.

Challenges in Discharging Dialysis Patients:

1. Transportation Logistics: The need for specialized transportation, like stretcher dialysis, can create logistical hurdles. Coordinating with transportation services equipped to manage medical equipment and ensure patient safety becomes a critical factor.

2. Coordination with Dialysis Centers: Coordinating appointments with dialysis centers and ensuring a smooth transition in care is crucial. Communication gaps can lead to disruptions in the dialysis routine, affecting the overall well-being of the patient. Capacity in dialysis centers is a barrier as the volume of dialysis patients increases in the United States.

How Our Complex Discharge Solutions Company Can Assist:

1. Specialized Transportation Services: Our company specializes in providing transportation solutions tailored to the unique needs of dialysis patients.

2. Coordinated Care and Communication: Our dedicated team facilitates seamless communication between hospitals, dialysis centers, and patients. By coordinating appointments and sharing relevant medical information, we bridge the gap to ensure continuous and uninterrupted care.

3. Skilled Nursing Facility Partnerships: Compass partners with skilled nursing facilities throughout the Southeast United States that offer dialysis services in the facility. These partnerships facilitate timely discharge for patients requiring stretcher dialysis.


Discharging dialysis patients requires a nuanced approach that addresses the unique challenges they face. Compass is committed to breaking down the barriers associated with dialysis discharge, providing not just transportation but a holistic support system that encompasses coordinated care whether the patient is in the home or a skilled facility. By partnering with us, hospitals can ensure that their dialysis patients experience a smooth transition, leading to improved overall outcomes and enhanced quality of life.

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, optimizing hospital throughput is a game-changer. Compass Complex Discharge Solutions not only address the challenges associated with hospital throughput but also pave the way for a more efficient, patient-centric, and financially sustainable healthcare system. Compass specializes in complex discharge solutions for patients stuck in the hospital for extended lengths of time due to issues such as dialysis, guardianship, social, psycho-social, and bariatric care needs. By choosing Compass, hospitals can embark on a journey towards enhanced operational excellence and improved patient outcomes.

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