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In All That We Do

A Care Team Whose Innovative Approach is Bridging the Gap Between Complex Discharges & Compassionate Care Management

At Compass Complex Discharge Solutions we believe the first step to a solution is being open-minded. CCDS is an evidence-based healthcare solutions company. We take your barriers and complex discharges to find full circle solutions.

Compass specializes in complex discharge solutions for patients stuck in the hospital for extended lengths of time due to issues such as dialysis, guardianship, social, psycho-social, and bariatric care needs. By choosing Compass, hospitals can embark on a journey towards enhanced operational excellence and improved patient outcomes.

Between our team of care managers, Medicaid specialists, and nurses specializing in complex cases and our vendors, contractors, and deep relationships in Florida complex care, we serve all your needs under one umbrella. 

We simplify your healthcare system by making one call and sending one referral to achieve one goal: safely discharging complex patients with minimal cost to you.

Patient - Centered

At Compass, we place you at the center, ensuring every service is tailored to your needs and well-being.


We pioneer innovative solutions at Compass, constantly pushing boundaries to improve your care.


Efficiency is key at Compass, where we optimize every process to save you time while maintaining the highest quality of care.